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If you want to make a CD, you need to find the right recording studio for the job.  You want to find a studio that will get you the best possible sound.  Your sound.  When it’s done, you want to be proud of your CD, and impress people with how good it is, not feel like you have to make excuses for it.

At Studio Crash, we have a ton of great stuff.  We have the microphones and mic preamps that are used on major label releases.  We have the tuned wood rooms with non-parrallel walls that major studios have.  We have ProTools HD3 Accel, just like the big guys.  Most of all, we have the recording and mixing skills to take advantage of all this stuff.  After all, the most important thing in the studio is the engineering skills.

You owe it to yourself to shop around for the right studio for your project.  When you do, don’t just ask for the rates.  Listen to what’s been mixed there by their engineers.  Then call Studio Crash, stop by for a visit and listen to what we’ve mixed.  Hear the difference.

We look forward to working with you.


Welcome to Studio Crash

Studio Crash has been a leading recording studio in the Philadelphia area for over a decade.  Call for a free tour and consultation.


Studio Crash, Inc. • 2634-36 E. Cumberland St. • Philadelphia, PA  19125 • 215-427-0072

Studio Crash, Inc. • 2634-36 E. Cumberland St. • Philadelphia, PA  19125 • 215-427-0072

** Breaking News:   We’ve Moved

Studio Crash has moved out of our Delaware Ave. location.  We now have our own building with large, acoustically designed, soundproof rooms with double wall live construction.  The major construction is finished and we’re now onto the finishing cosmetic touches.  You can see some photos of the new studio buildout on the Studio Crash page on Facebook here:

Studio Crash Facebook page